FTT Advanced is the UK based mentoring arm of FTT.

We offer motorcycle mentoring and are based near Watford, operating in and around the home counties.

We also offer a series of planned routes over Europe, where you develop your skills as a motorcyclist – we call these FTT Tours.

We offer a series of planned routes over Europe, where you develop your skills as a motorcyclist.

About FTT Advanced

How it started

We can provide you with a tailored mentoring package over a full day or half a day on your own or with a friend on unfamiliar roads designed to allow you to develop as a rider.

If you have an Advanced test booked we can prepare you with a 2 hour intensive check ride to make sure you achieve the best possible result on the day.

We can provide you with a HD video of your ride with live commentary on what you are doing for you look back at and use as a training aid upon your return to the UK. Full details upon request.

For those of you looking for 1:1 or 2:1 mentoring we offer:

  • Mentoring for Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists and RoSPA test motorcycle tests
  • Low Speed Skills Machine Control
  • Confidence building and machine familiarisation
  • High Performance motorcycle familiarisation
  • Poor Weather Riding familiarisation (subject to poor weather)
  • HD video of your ride with live commentary
  • Human Aspects of riding

About FTT Tours

How it started

It began in 2008 when 6 friends went to France for a few days on their bikes. Some of the riding had room for improvement, so one of the guys who has been a Police Class One Advanced Rider for over 25 years, offered a few words of advice. That evening, someone suggested what a great idea it would be to be to have advanced motorcycle training similar to that available in the UK. It has now grown to much much more. We call it the French Training Tour, or FTT for short. Ideal for those new to riding abroad and also those who are well seasoned travellers on a bike. Mentoring, routes, accommodation and planning have been honed to what has been described as a FanTastic Tour.

Where we go

How FTT Tours work

The tours are based on the principles of the world famous Hendon Police Driving School motorcycle course which produces the highest level of professional rider, a Police Class One.  We uniquely apply the techniques, style and standards many of which are not found in any books that produce these professional riders, to develop your knowledge, understanding and potential to improve your skills beyond that of a competent advanced rider.

We offer a series of planned routes over a three or four day weekend, during which time your riding is assessed by four mentors on a 2:1 basis. During a break your mentor will go over the ride with you, enabling you to come up with suggestions on how to improve based on the Police system of motorcycle training. The mentors, either retired police class one riders or highly skilled civilian riders who have been trained on the FTT mentors programme will use their years of experience over thousands of miles to provide little gems of wisdom to help you improve your riding. Even if you have ridden on the continent before FTT has something to offer you. Honest constructive feedback in a relaxed and friendly manner over a cup of coffee mixed with a sense of humour. We follow the principles of Safety, System, Smoothness and Speed in the right places, we are looking to make you safer and faster adding polish to your ride that makes you stand out as highly skilled emulating a professional riders qualities.

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